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52 Weeks

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

1:09AM - Week 1

This week, I plan on connecting with my self. Spiritually, mentally and physically

12:12AM - Week 1

This week I plan on focusing on my household goals and accomplishing them. I plan on making this a recurring cycle.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

3:38AM - Hello?

Anyone out there?

*pokes the community* I think it died. =\

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

11:04AM - New goal.

I only ever posted here once before, and I didn't follow through on any of my goals. So this time, I'm setting a really broad, simple goal. I know it's the middle of the week for most people, but we can post here any time, right? I figure this goal should last me 'til next Wednesday. :)

This week, I commit to doing one thing that scares me every day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

8:35AM - Six

What I did:

1. Profitable Office--yes.
2. State-changing work. Reviewed the chapter, at least
3. Educational books--yes. Specifically, getting into "The Imitation of Christ", by Thomas A Kempis. I inherited a set of the Harvard Classics, and plan to read the parts I've never read before (a little less than half the set).

What I intend to do:

1. Work--There are three important but not urgent phone calls I've been putting off. Do them this week.
2. Mental--Practice mindfulness, especially re: procrastinating and food. My weight issues have a lot to do with gobbling food without thinking about it.
3. Spiritual--Continue with Kempis. Also review Dante's Paradise-o, and meditate on being a beacon of light, not a critic.


Last Week's Goals

1. Drink 1.5 L of water per day at work.

2. Follow my writing plan. DO NOT keep re-editing the first two scenes.

3. Start learning MS FrontPage - I didn't QUITE start this - I did load it on my laptop though.

4. Release the Monkey! - Still working on this - it's hard to let go sometimes (damn monkey)


1. Drink 1.5 L of water per day at work

2. Finish two new scenes.

3. Rough plot next five scenes.

4. One page synopsis.

5. Learn MS FrontPage

6. Release the Monkey!

Maybe a bit ambitious, but we'll see.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Last Week's Goals

1. Drink 1 L of water per day at work. ~ kinda - I did this for 4/5 days

2. Keep up with my writing pace, follow the plan! ~ Yep I'm RIGHT on this (it's utter crap, but at least I'm writing). As The Nora says...I can fix a badly written page, but I can't fix a blank one... - Or something like that...

3. Release the monkey, every day. ~ I'm doing better at not letting things stress my out - it helped that my biggest stressor was on holidays for most of last week...


1. Drink 1.5 L of water per day at work.

2. Follow my writing plan. DO NOT keep re-editing the first two scenes.

3. Start learning MS FrontPage

4. Release the Monkey!

Current mood: okay

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Last Week's Goals...

1. Look for new (and cheaper) hosting site for website. - looked and have narrowed it down
2. Stick to writing plan. - I am amazed. I did!
3. Don't get stressed out over stupid things you have no control over. - I wouldn't call this a complete success, but I am doing better, but that may only be because the one that drives me nuts is on holidays until Thursday...

This weeks goals...

1. Drink 1 L of water per day at work.
2. Keep up with my writing pace, follow the plan!
3. Release the monkey, every day.


Monday, January 23, 2006

11:45AM - Four

What I Did:

1.Weekend of self-renewal at the coast. Did it, and I'm glad I did, but it wasn't all that relaxing.

2. Maintain the weight loss from boot cam regimen earlier in the year. Did not. Utterly, utterly failed. Damn extreme programs never work. Have to do it slowly for it to last.

3. State-changing review. Didn't do that either.

It was not a particularly successful week. In fact, my enthusiasm for working on myself is pretty much nonexistent.

What I intend to do

1. Work--put time into making the office profitable.

2. Mental health--do the state-changing review I didn't do the previous week.

3. Mental--finish some of the educational books on my to-do list.

12:01PM - sidestep

It looks as if the sort of situation I thought might be possible is not possible. With the two extra hours added to Brandon's schedule when he takes over the store he's been given, and the necessity to use the car with better gas mileage and more dependability, I will be in almost the situation I was in. Only, I'll have the truck as emergency back-up.

So, instead of working toward a part time job, I think I might take the time to relactate.

(*I actually was doing okay between trying to nurse and pumping until the thrush got to be more painful than childbirth, and I was in a constant state of pain. Trent began to cry when I would pick him up... He refused to attempt latching on, and cried even more. I began to dry up. I thought.)

I have been leaking ever so slightly this week. I have brought the pump back out. Every pump session is producing slightly more product - probably colostrum from what I've read.

I am thinking I will get the SNS system, because I think Trent is more receptive now that the really, really bad part of the nursing failures is over. He will actually latch on, but gets pissy because only drops are coming out. The only research indicates that I should have a higher success chance than if I waited until there was absolutely nothing coming out.

It would be a huge boon to our finances and my self-esteem. I have been really down about the thrush, and the way Trent began to reject me until I just stopped trying to nurse.

I think the local LLL meets on Sundays, and Brandon is off Sundays. After I get going with the SNS, I might attempt a meeting. Though I'm skittish because I know many are very judgmental about women who give up on breastfeeding. But the worst is over, and I want to try again. This will be my last baby, and I won't get another chance.

So, for now, I'm pumping and I will get the system to give it my best shot. Perhaps now that I know what thrush is like, I will get it before it gets me, this time around.

Monday, January 16, 2006

8:35AM - Three

What I did:
1. Completed the Ultimate NY Body Plan in two weeks. Lost a total of 11 pounds, kept my only New Year Resolution, and now have to wear a belt with most of my pants. This was the biggie.
2. Made appointment for a general checkup.
3. Kept balance with work and family while concentrating on my body.

This week, after all that, will be a rest week.

What I intend to do:
1. Family--spend a relaxing weekend at the coast, in self-renewal.
2. Physical--Do not gain back the weight I lost immediately.
3. Mental Health--Break out the Anthony Robbins book and tapes, and review "changing your mental state" exercises.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

11:59AM - Week Two Goals

Last week's goals...

1. Update my website
2. Get back to work on MS
3. Kick this Mother &^#*ing cold.

To (mis) quote the Loaf - "One out of three ain't bad"

This Week's Goals...

1. Update my website.
2. Get back to work on my MS
3. Stick to writing plan


Monday, January 9, 2006

3:44PM - Goal for this week. Also, getting myself back on track.

*waves to everyone* I was quiet a lot last year. I intend to change that this year. No better time than the present!

I'm in the process of going through some *huge* life changes, all starting this month. This Sunday, I'm moving to NC, and then that Wednesday I'm getting married. So I have a lot of packing, organization, and career changing/planning to do. I also have to buy all new furniture once I move. :/

So this week's goals:

*throw out/recycle/give away all the useless papers and ephemera
*put everything that won't fit on this trip in the closet in my room
*take care of all address switches that had to wait until the last moment
*make sure all bills are paid ahead of time, so that's one less thing to worry about

*try to stay calm :D

I'm trying to keep the computer up until the last moment. We'll see how that goes.

x-posted to my journal and 52weekplan

10:51AM - Two

This week, I start week two of my two-week New Year Resolution physical regimen. I've white-knuckled my way through it so far, and am now past the half-way point. Lost six pounds, too. I talk all about it in my regular LJ and on fitzilla, if you're interested.

What I did--
1. Stuck to the program. Check.
2. Made my Roth investment. Easy.
3. Restarted my offline journal. It was mostly a physical program-tracking diary, but yes.

Actually, those last two were throwaways. The big one was number one.

What I intend to do--
1. Physical--Complete the "Ultimate NY Body Plan".
2. Physical--Make appointment for a checkup
3. Family/Work--Pay enough attention to family and work during the physical part that I still have a job and family in good working order when I'm done.

8:45AM - Week 2

Hi, everyone. New to the group. My goal for this year is to set small, managable goals once a week, rotating the "Theme" of the goal every week. Last week, my goal was a "house" goal and I worked on staying on top of my dishes. (Man, I hate to do dishes...) I did very well last week. They only got backed up once, and that was because we were crazy busy this weekend and sometimes that happens.

While I continue with establishing my dishes habit, my goal for this week is a "better mommy" goal. I'm setting the goal to get 30 minutes of reading in with my daughters every day. I know how important the reading is, but it seems like that is one of the first things to go when things get nuts. They love it. I love it. It's time to make it a priority that doesn't get abandoned every other day because we are busy with other things.

Good luck to the rest of you on your goals!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

1:52PM - Week One Goals

1. Update my website
- Pictures
- Currently being devoured
- Make Blog more prominent (link on first page?)

2. Get back to work on MS
- Complete first three chapters
- Outline Next five chapters

3. Kick this Mother &^#*ing cold.

Happy New Year =)

Monday, January 2, 2006

11:19AM - One

I made just one New Year Resolution this time around--to stick to the two-week "boot camp" body makeover I mentioned in my last post on this forum. Today I started it. Nasty, nasty workout, followed by running, for which it kindly stopped raining. I'll go on and on about how it goes in the fitzilla community.

I tend to aproach this 52-week bit by setting three little goals, and reporting at the end of the week on how it went. The first two weeks, it's one big goal.


1. Physical--The Ultimate NY Body Plan
2. Financial--My annual Roth Ira investment
3. Spiritual--restart my journal. The offline one.

10:54AM - only because

Yes, it is an arbitrary number. I could have started over again with the birth of Trent. I wanted to take a couple months off, though. January 1 is as good a date as any to get started. Okay, okay, January 2. I thought about things yesterday. Goals and plans.

I want to focus on my weight, because I don't want to buy fat clothes, again. I'll stick with what I have (mostly maternity) to motivate me to lose.

I will see what store Brandon gets, then when his schedule is set, I'll find a part-time job.

We will have everything but the house, apartment, car, insurance, and utilitarian bills paid off. The things I just listed will be up-to-date. We will get life insurance and look into ROTH IRA's. I will take at least one course at school, somewhere, somehow. The steps needed to secure these things will start to come, little by litte.

To overcome any and all perceived and other obvious negative crap that seems to come from someone I can't avoid, no matter how I wish I could. Take everything and try to remember it, so that as I get older, I do not repeat the same patterns.

I'm still very interested in weekly plans. However, I find that I'm almost in need of daily plans for some parts of my goals.

Food is still providing me with entertainment. I'm not quite as determined about it being purely for nutritional needs. I also don't have quite enough food in the house to do the sort of plan I did in 2004. I need a ton of prepared (washed and cut), easy, raw veggies on hand. Everyday. Right now, my head can't seem to latch on to a week properly. Before I know it, it is another Sunday, then another, then another. I just wake up and suddenly have no veggies to snack on. Which sends me searching for something else that's easy and will fill me up. Lately, it's been bread. Turning into sugar as soon as it hits my saliva... And if we have snacks in the house, I subsist on them until Brandon is home and I have time to make a real meal - one that requires work, preparation and enjoyment. So, I have been snacking my way through the day. And there are some saboteurs in our world. I know one, in particular, loves to see me fail. It's a shame she has little to no self-respect that she interprets everything I do personally. So, when Brandon asks for help with groceries, and doesn't take me, he can't say no to her treats, and we end up with so many damned sweets and simple carbohydrates that I just want to scream. Because she refuses to accept that eating that much crap is not good. Because she has a condition that Brandon has, too, that keeps them both from overeating or even remotely liking food... Which I don't have. And I also have genes to obesity that require a different set of rules to my regular diet than many other people...

So, this week... I can't do a lot until Brandon's training ends, and we get the bills up-to-date... I'll work with what I can.

Work with what we have to eat. Eat small, frequent meals. Collect calorie information, make sure what goes into my mouth has nutritional value so that I'm eating to make my body work as well as it can, and start talking to Brandon and hammer the notion into him that it isn't about willpower, it's about not making it available, and he really needs to relearn to respect that I don't have the condition he has that makes him unable to gain weight. (He's already had surgery on his esophagus once, for this thing, and will need it again one day. He's already back to having to take tiny bites and chew thoroughly to avoid having it come back up when it reaches the area where his esophagus meets his stomach or whatever...)

Today, I need to focus on the food. I need to turn around my negative feelings for a certain unavoidable person into compassion. I'm not going to change her. And she's NOT going to change me. I will do this everyday.

Today, I will say no to eating out. I will do this everyday.

Today, I need to stretch and do some weights. Today, I need to use my poor, neglected DDR set. I need to incorporate this into as many days as possible. Change it up with the pilates DVD, the elliptical and the hand weights.

I won't become sedentary and miserable. And I will get my mind working more often, too.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

10:32AM - "Ultimate NY Body Plan"

Here's something to keep me occupied the first two weeks out of 52...

I've got a couple of library books by David Kirsch, "Sound Mind, Sound Body" and "The Ultimate New York Body Plan", and wondered if anyone here has tried it. The basics are cardio sculpting and a low carb, high protein diet. The specific "Ultimate" plan is a two-week intensive in which you undergo two high-cardio workouts every day for 14 days, and subsist on pretty much protein and no-starch vegetables in small portions six times a day for the same 14 days.

Put another way, there's just six things he says you can't eat during the intensive: alcohol, bread, starch, dairy, sugar, and "fruit and fat" (which have nothing in common, except he stretched the forbidden list so that it fit the first six letters of the alphabet. He lists "Extra sweets" when he means "sugar"). He correctly points out that this would not be a wise diet for more than two weeks, and he does prescribe supplements like calcium to replace nutrients you miss by eating only protein and vegetables.

I'm considering this one since I have a very typical history of making fitness New Year resolutions, sticking to them during the winter, tapering off a bit in the Spring, and blowing it off by about September. This year, I did great until my father died, and then the wheels fell off. I still have about 10 lbs left to lose, and if I can do that in the first two weeks of the year, I'll be doing great.

Anyone else familiar with David Kirsch? Tried his plan? Recommend it? Does it work if you're not in New York?

And also, is VictoriasSecretModelHeidiKlum a supermodel household name like Elle MacPherson, that should impress me? I ask because I never heard of her, and Mr. Kirsch drops her name with a dump truck every chance he gets. "I use this technique with my client VictoriasSecretModelHeidiKlum, and she says it's just the thing to get her butt feeling bracingly perky all day long!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


52 weeks to the best body I could get. I know I can do this! I'm so determined to have the body of a 20 year old (I am a 20 year old). I look older than what I am because of my weight.

My mother in Law is losing weight and looking YOUNGER!

I can't wait to post my progress in a month I'll take pixtures with my xmas present digital lmao.

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